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Zhu D., Bahmani Jalali H., Saleh G., Di Stasio F., Prato M., Polykarpou N., Othonos A., Christodoulou S., Ivanov Y.P., Divitini G., Infante I., De Trizio L., Manna L.
Boosting the Photoluminescence Efficiency of InAs Nanocrystals Synthesized with Aminoarsine via a ZnSe Thick-Shell Overgrowth
Advanced Materials
Toso S., Baranov D., Filippi U., Giannini C., Manna L.
Collective Diffraction Effects in Perovskite Nanocrystal Superlattices
Accounts of Chemical Research, vol. 56, (no. 1), pp. 66-76
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Colloidal InAs Tetrapods: Impact of Surfactants on the Shape Control
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Bellato F., Ferri M., Annamalai A., Prato M., Leoncino L., Brescia R., De Trizio L., Manna L.
Colloidal Synthesis of Nickel Arsenide Nanocrystals for Electrochemical Water Splitting
ACS Applied Energy Materials, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 151-159
Livakas N., Toso S., Ivanov Y.P., Das T., Chakraborty S., Divitini G., Manna L.
CsPbCl3 → CsPbI3 Exchange in Perovskite Nanocrystals Proceeds through a Jump-the-Gap Reaction Mechanism
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 145, (no. 37), pp. 20442-20450
Conteh J.S., Nucci G.E.P., Fernandez Cabada T., Mai B.T., Soni N., De Donato F., Pasquale L., Catalano F., Prato M., Manna L., Pellegrino T.
CuFeS2 Nanoparticles Functionalized with a Thermoresponsive Polymer for Photothermia and Externally Controlled Drug Delivery
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Zhang B., Liang Q., Yong X., Wu H., Chu Z., Ma Y., Brovelli S., Manna L., Lu S.
Facet-Defect Tolerant Bi-Doped Cs2AgxNa1-xInCl6 Nanoplatelets with a Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield
Nano Letters
Zappia M.I., Mastronardi V., Bellani S., Zuo Y., Bianca G., Gabatel L., Gentile M., Bagheri A., Beydaghi H., Drago F., Ferri M., Moglianetti M., Pompa P.P., Manna L., Bonaccorso F.
Graphene vs. carbon black supports for Pt nanoparticles: Towards next-generation cathodes for advanced alkaline electrolyzers
Electrochimica Acta, vol. 462
Zuo Y., Bellani S., Ferri M., Saleh G., Shinde D.V., Zappia M.I., Brescia R., Prato M., De Trizio L., Infante I., Bonaccorso F., Manna L.
High-performance alkaline water electrolyzers based on Ru-perturbed Cu nanoplatelets cathode
Nature Communications, vol. 14, (no. 1)
Lopez-Fernandez I., Valli D., Wang C.-Y., Samanta S., Okamoto T., Huang Y.-T., Sun K., Liu Y., Chirvony V.S., Patra A., Zito J., De Trizio L., Gaur D., Sun H.-T., Xia Z., Li X., Zeng H., Mora-Sero I., Pradhan N., Martinez-Pastor J.P., Muller-Buschbaum P., Biju V., Debnath T., Saliba M., Debroye E., Hoye R.L.Z., Infante I., Manna L., Polavarapu L.
Lead-Free Halide Perovskite Materials and Optoelectronic Devices: Progress and Prospective
Advanced Functional Materials
Cosseddu S., Pascazio R., Giansante C., Manna L., Infante I.
Ligand dynamics on the surface of CdSe nanocrystals
Ray A., Martin-Garcia B., Prato M., Moliterni A., Bordignon S., Spirito D., Marras S., Goldoni L., Boopathi K.M., Moro F., Casati N.P.M., Giacobbe C., Saidaminov M.I., Giannini C., Chierotti M.R., Krahne R., Manna L., Abdelhady A.L.
Mixed Organic Cations Promote Ambient Light-Induced Formation of Metallic Lead in Lead Halide Perovskite Crystals
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 15, (no. 23), pp. 28166-28174
Mulder J.T., Jenkinson K., Toso S., Prato M., Evers W.H., Bals S., Manna L., Houtepen A.J.
Nucleation and Growth of Bipyramidal Yb:LiYF4 Nanocrystals─Growing Up in a Hot Environment
Chemistry of Materials
Prabhakaran A., Dang Z., Dhall R., Camerin F., Marin-Aguilar S., Dhanabalan B., Castelli A., Brescia R., Manna L., Dijkstra M., Arciniegas M.P.
Real-Time In Situ Observation of CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanoplatelets Transforming into Nanosheets
ACS Nano
Zuo Y., Bellani S., Saleh G., Ferri M., Shinde D.V., Zappia M.I., Buha J., Brescia R., Prato M., Pascazio R., Annamalai A., de Souza D.O., De Trizio L., Infante I., Bonaccorso F., Manna L.
Ru-Cu Nanoheterostructures for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Water Electrolyzers
Journal of the American Chemical Society